Richard Gardner (CEO Director)

richard-gardner-directorRichard Gardner has been working in the lighting industry for over 28 years. He started out working at his family’s business in 1987, later founding Toroidal Technologies in 1990 which became the largest manufacturer of toroidal power transformers in Africa. He finally started NVC SA in 2008 which has since become one of the major lighting suppliers in Southern Africa. His passion lies in the technical challenges of the lighting industry being at the cutting edge of LED Lighting Technology.

The error is not making the mistake, the error is in repeating it.

Grant Olivier (Sales Director)

grant-olivier-national-sales-managerGrant Olivier worked his way up in the lighting industry from starting out as a Sales Representative at Golnix over 18 years ago, to where he is now as the Sales Director at NVC SA. An N3 technical qualification and various sales courses have equipped him for the demands that come with the Sales Director role. He is passionate about working with people, be it clients or staff, and gets excited by new products that constantly enter the lighting market.

Never give up.

Ross Fairall (Sales Representative)

ross-fairall-sales-representativeWith over 8 years’ experience in the lighting industry, Ross Fairall has become an expert in commercial, industrial and LED lighting. He started his career as a store man at one of the biggest lighting companies in the country and worked his way up to a sales position. From there, he went on to join NVC SA, landing big projects for the business as well as building and maintaining good customer relationships. Ross’s passion lies with his work, getting big projects for NVC SA and helping his customers grow.

Everything happens for a reason.

Yolanda Mitchell (Internal Sales Consultant)

yolanda-mitchell-internal-sales-consultantOver 10 years’ experience in the lighting industry has meant more to Yolanda Mitchell than a traditional qualification ever would have. Her area of expertise lies within the sales department where she gets to work with clients and implement her product knowledge. Yolanda feels strongly about not only having professional relationships with clients, but a personal relationship as well.

I don’t stop when I am tired; I only stop when I am done.

Wendy Thom (Sales Representative – Cape Town)

wendy-thom-sales-representativeWendy Thom specialises in sales and marketing. Her educational background forms strong roots in the tourism industry with an IATA UFTAA Diploma, however she has been working in the lighting industry for over 12 years. Her passion is putting smiles on people’s faces.


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