As the South African subsidiary, NVC SA is well-equipped to carry forward the NVC brand’s legacy, delivering optimal lighting solutions that are geared towards responsibly and efficiently bringing advanced lighting technology from around the world to the South African market. Our product ranges include LED light fixtures for commercial, office and residential lighting, as well as lamps, control gear and a full range of additional electrical accessories for the full lighting solution.

An unfaltering Research and Development approach forms the foundation of our ever-broadening product ranges that keep pace with new technological developments and lighting advancements. Selecting only the best light sources, electronic parts, raw materials and craftsmanship – the lighting design of NVC lighting products is of the highest quality standard for energy efficiency.

Along with a strong commitment to supplying superior quality products at competitive prices, NVC SA also delivers on service excellence by maintaining sufficient levels of stock at all times to ensure that we are consistently able to cater for customer demands.

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LED Lighting Systems


Give energy the green light
LED Display, LED Indoor Lights, LED Outdoor Lights, LED Control Gear, LED Lamps, etc.

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Indoor Range

indoor range

A light for every room
Metal-halide Lights, Downlights, Spotlights, Fluorescent Louvres, Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, etc.

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Outdoor Range

outdoor range

Light up the great outdoors
Road Lights, Floodlights, Garden Lights, Lawn Lights, Underground Lights, Underwater Lights, Wall Lights, etc.

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Create more light for longer
Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Linear Fluorescent Tubes, Metal Halide Lamps, Halogen Lamps, etc.

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Control Gear

control gear

Extend the life of your lamps
Electronic Transformers, Electronic Ballasts (T5/T8, PLC, Metal Halide), etc.

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